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A Safe Haven For The Broken

In my early adolescent age, I was sexually abused by a family member. At the age of 20, I was married to an abusive husband who I thought I could change. 

My children and I were exposed to an abusive environment almost everyday for at least 3 years, including during my pregnancy.

After continuous back and forth, major depression, major weight loss, and major loss of my self-esteem, I decided to leave.

I decided to break the cycle of the abuse. It took me numerous years to bring myself up to who I was destined to be.


My mission for the Talk Show is for Arin's Nesting Place to provide an open platform for our community to hear, talk & relate to subjects specific to our culture.

Providing local community resources.
We don't want to be apart of the problems but we want to be apart of creating solutions.

Giving platforms to our local businesses to promote not only products but the purpose and passions behind it.

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