Hostages That Fight Back

Wednesdays, 10-12pm

Bro Al Mims is New Orleans #1 Crime fighter & mentor. After his father's unsolved murder, he hung up his professional kickboxing gloves and became an advocate whose path includes serving as a civil Sheriffs deputy and member of the Louisiana Parole Board.


Cap Black is the original " Hostage that Fights Back! " After crack destroyed his neighborhood and urban America, he became your UrbanSafetyist and provides an active presence on the streets & media. He promotes self-defense; brothers and badges together & private solutions to enhance public safety.


Together, they co-host Hostages that Fight Back, an internet radio show, which airs Wednesdays at 10am Central on New Orleans Talk Network.


The show pulls no punches in its weekly exploration of current events and what Bro Al Mims calls, " Us-ism; " crime ( including calling for urban stake holders to support the police ) ; and racism!


Tune in & call in!


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