Living by the World Daily

Living By The Word Daily 

Wednesdays 11am-12pm/cst

Join Bishop Carol T. Duffourc, Sr. & his wife Pastor / Prophetess Charleen C. Duffourc the host of "Living By The The Word Daily"

Overseer / Bishop Carol T. Duffourc, Sr. & Pastor / Prophetess Charleen C. Durrourc 

Bishop Carol & Pastor Charleen were saved in 1970.

They were faithful and patiently waiting on God to received a call from God at an early age to preach His word. 

It wasn’t until 29 years after they received Christ, that both of them were ordained to the ministry In 1998. 

God then began to reveal to them His plan for what He wanted them to do. 

-In 2006 Living Witnesses Ministries was established. 

-In 2008 God commissioned them to teach and train


couples and singles how to have happy and fulfilling relationships. 

We do this through Conferences and Seminars. 

Our first Conference was held in 2008. 

Since then we have witnessed through God’s mighty power, by His Word, the transformation in the lives of the saved and the unsaved alike. 

We teach God’s Word which is the only authority all deliver should live by !

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