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TWYK is a live-interactive call-in talk show that is both enlightening and informative. We provide the forum to discuss secular issues from a spiritual perspective. The conversation that is typically only addressed outside of the church will be addressed head on by Pastor Jones. As you can imagine, this often provides the opportunity for healthy and passionate discussion. 


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Meet the Pastor

 Pastor Dr. Donald R. Jones is a life-long resident of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Mr. Jones is the Chief Executive Officer of Jones Insurance Agency, which he formed in 1986 and CEO/President of STEP Construction, LLC. He has been an active member of the community for over 30 years. In September 1989, Donald R. Jones became the first African-American to be appointed to the Jefferson Parish School Board, appointed by Federal District Judge Fredrick Heebe. In November 1991, Donald R. Jones marked another momentous moment in the history of Jefferson Parish La., when he became the first African-American to be elected to the Jefferson Parish Council. Pastor Jones was ordained on March 24, 2004 as a minister of the gospel. He is the founding Pastor of Bethesda House of Prayer in Marrero. Pastor Jones continues to provide bold and innovative leadership as he addresses the economical, social, and spiritual needs of the community.

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Bob B(oeckelman) is a native of New Orleans, residing uptown, who graduated from Jesuit High and Tulane University school of Business Administration.  He had been freelance writing about restaurants since college and has appeared in the Times Picayune, Gulf Coast Arts Review, The Liquid and The Heart of Baton Rouge.  Before Hurricane Katrina (2006), Bob said, "New Orleans must open more restaurants at all levels of dining than any other city per capita" and he brought as many of the varied styles as possible so everyone can find a place to eat."


NOTN – “Talk What You Know” Variety Hour

Bob B has joined the New Orleans Talk Network Wednesday morning lineup on the Talk What You Know show.  Specifically, Bob B broadcasts live on NOTN his “Variety Hour” on the Wednesday morning segment from 8:00 to 9:00am. Dutifully titled as such to bring the audience a Humpday relaxation from the hard hitting, heavy duty topics on the days preceding and following.  His emphasis is on the visual from his TV background rather than traditional audio transmissions.


Since the initial broadcast, he introduced a weekly free raffle for anyone to participate by simply registering (full name, email address and zip code) on the website VIP form or by telephone to the station. 

You only need to register once to be eligible for all raffles. Calling/texting in to the show adds additional chances for audience to win.


To date, Mardi Gras souvenirs, art sports memorabilia and fashion elements. Vendors are always welcome to submit their products or services to supplement the awards while promoting themselves.


As you will note from his background, he’s well versed in dining/chefs, film, art, events and personalities; so, tune in to see many segments of our community culture to be featured.


NOATV/WTIX – Restaurant Revue

Bob parlayed his knowledge into a refreshing radio show(1999 – WTIX 690am) as a forerunner to his weekly, hour long cable television show, called Restaurant Revue (2000 – 2016 NOATV)   It’s not another cooking show!  It’s not another re-hash of the same well known restaurants reflecting the subjective whims of the pretentious critic.  The chef/owner of the weekly, featured restaurant kibitzed with Bob over the menu and field calls from the listening audience  to talk live with Bob and his guests.


What is Restaurant Revue, you ask?


It’s an economic engine intended to drive customers to our restaurant rather than merely giving out recipes or … focus is on NEW restaurants/chefs whose need for diners is most critical during its infant stage with big overhead required to open/renovate staff and open.  Any restaurant can have a bad day or service, if the chef is absent, wait staff is short or other technical reason. None is reason not to visit early.  Besides we all love to be able to tell/impress our family and friends with tales from the newest on the block. Samples can be viewed at his website or on


 NOATV – Reel Revue, R-tist Revue, Real Revue were half hour live shows on NOLA ‘s culture and personalities

Bro Al Mims

Daily Inspiration with Pastor Donald R. Jones


You can not pray for an A on a test and study for a B. You cannot pray for a faithful relationship and live a unfaithful life. You cannot pray for something and act less. Don't question God and his abilities when your actions don't match your prayers. You cannot afford to be casual in your obedience. 


Pastor Donald R. Jones


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Bro Al Mims is New Orleans #1 Crime fighter & mentor. After his father's unsolved murder, he hung up his professional kickboxing gloves and became an advocate whose path includes serving as a civil Sheriffs deputy and member of the Louisiana Parole Board.

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