* Married

* 2 Children/4 Grandchildren

* Over 30 years of business experience. 

* Twenty years of nonprofit experience



* PhD Human Services Nonprofit Management

* MBA Global Management

* BS Business Information Systems

* Certified Financial Literacy Coach

* Certified Event Manager

* Certified Nonprofit Consultant




1.  Step-by-Step Credit Repair

2. Man Survival Kit

3. P3 Plan, Prepare, Protect

4. A Case Study: Assessing and Improving Financial Transparency in Black Baptist Churches


CEO of  LIV, LLC Consulting Firm


Founder of  The Money Factor Live TV Show


Founder of Sisters of Wealth

Social Responsible Female Network

The Money Factor with Dr. G
Learn how to become Financially Independent TODAY!



* Event Management

* Business Coach

* Financial Literacy Coach

* Leadership Training

* 501c3 & Incorporations

* Business Development

* Planned Legacy Programs

* Commercial Credit Consultant

* Personal Credit Consultant.

* Certified Event Manager

* Grantwriter

*Radio talk show host

* Motivational Speaker

* Preacher/Teacher

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