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Young Voice of the Future is a radio show that showcases young artist and young community organizers that are trying to evoke change in the New Orleans area. We live by the motto that youth deserve to know what is going on and they deserve to be heard. This show is great not only because it showcases the work our youth are doing but also we discuss the challenges our youth are facing.


It is important for our youth to be involve in all decision-making processes that effect them in the long run. That is what this show is all about showcasing our young folks and their talents.


If any young artist or community organizers interested in being on YVF please email Brandon Caples at

Social media: daily updates can be found on my Twitter @kingbgaga_

Featured Guest:

SadeCru is a New Orleans based poet, author and spoken word artist. She shares her most intimate experiences of life, love and liberation through heart tugging poems and prose. She often speaks from her positions as a woman, (soon-to-be) wife and socially aware member of society. Her debut book of poetry is, “Tinted Windows: Surviving While black”. She has just released her sophomore title, “Love On Fire,” the depiction of an intense journey through time losing, finding and nagivating love. Click the photo below to preview the book and/or order.