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Second Annual Greif Awareness Day

presented by 

LeBourriche Bar & Gifts 
in partnership with 

Bethesda Community Development Corp

The increase in violent crimes in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes has been a struggle that has left our government, businesses, and communities with a great challenge to solve. The people who often suffer the most are the parents and families that have been victimized through the loss of their loved ones at the hands of violent crime offenders. To uplift our communities and support families that have lost loved ones due to violent crimes. Trinette Wilson of Le Bourriche Bar & Gifts will honor families that lost a child to a recent violent crime. The New Orleans Talk Network will host live panel discussions between the people, the politicians, and the police to promote governmental solutions and ideas to strengthen the bond of the community and create a better quality of life. The mission is to honor grieving families and prevent violent crime from impacting families in the future. On Saturday, May 13, 2023, LeBourriche Bar & Gifts, Bethesda Community Development Corp (Charter # 40857739N) New Orleans Talk Network Host the 2nd Annual Grief Awareness Day. This free public event is dedicated to creating solutions for working with government officials to decrease violence in our neighborhoods and to support parents and families that have lost loved ones due to violent crimes. This event will have an open discussion about crime in our communities and how we can be the change needed to reclaim our neighborhoods. Additionally, it will feature a Vendor’s Market, Car Show, and Food Challenge. All the proceeds go towards the Venue/Land, Advertisement, Entertainment, Police Detail, Speakers, Tents, Tables, Chairs, Gifts, etc. Our efforts will not reach their maximum effectiveness without the Support of Donors like You! The goal is to raise $10,000.00, as of now, we are nearly halfway there. We are working to raise 5,000.00 more in donations with the fundraising deadline being May 5th, 2023. Your donation will be considered a charitable contribution and is tax deductible by our 501c3 non-profit. Please consider helping us reach our goal with your generous donation today! Event Director Trinette Wilson 504-231-0950 264 Della Ln. Avondale, La. 70094 Bethesda Community Development Corp and New Orleans Talk Network 504-348-1492 7601 Westbank Expressway Marrero, La 70072

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"We want to do our part to help heal our community. I spoke with parents who say people stop checking on them after a few months and forget about the hurt.”— Trinnette Wilson, Owner of Le Bouchierre Bar & Gifts

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